Privacy Policy.

This privacy policy outlines how TajHind, the owner of, collects, uses, and protects any information that you provide when using our website.

At TajHind, we prioritize the protection of your privacy and are committed to using your data solely for internal business purposes.

At times, TajHind may make changes to this policy. We advise you to regularly review it to avoid any potential misunderstandings.

Information Collected

We collect information through the following means:

  • Name
  • Email ID
  • Contact number
  • Subject
  • The user-entered message in our contact form
  • Current city
  • User-specific cookies

Employment of the information

TajHind employs all user information that is disclosed on the website to facilitate data maintenance and deliver services and results that are most suitable in alignment with user preferences and searches.

TajHind reserves the right to modify and improve their services and products in light of user feedback, employing the data that has been gathered. The contact details provided by the users will be employed to initiate correspondence through text message, email, or telephone.

Furthermore, the organization may employ the electronic mail addresses supplied by the users to distribute promotional content and additional notifications.

Information Privacy

TajHind refrains from selling, leasing, or distributing user information to third parties, unless obligated to do so by law or at the user's request.

Individuals who have knowledge that TajHind maintains erroneous or inaccurate data regarding them and wish for the organization to rectify the matter may transmit the information through electronic mail.

Cookies collected

TajHind is capable of retaining user cookies, which are generated automatically upon website access, in addition to the intentionally submitted user data. TajHind employs the data collected from the cookies in order to conduct an analysis of user behavior on their website.

Cookie storage serves the sole purpose of maintaining statistical logs pertaining to the website.

Privacy for Children

Minors under the age of thirteen are not encouraged to access TajHind's website. Data that has been detected will be expunged by the organization.


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