Is the Tajikistan MBBS Valid in India?

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Today we’re here to give you a very detailed answer to the most common question that pops up in your head while choosing MBBS in Tajikistan. This is not the only question you have here; many other students have had this same question, “Is Tajikistan MBBS valid in India?” while speaking with us.

The Medical-Social Institute of Tajikistan (MSIT) is one of the top medical colleges in Tajikistan that offers MBBS courses for Indian students. And as for your question, the answer is yes. The Medical Council of India (MCI), WHO, and other global bodies globally recognize the MBBS degree, making it valid in India. Furthermore, to practice medicine in India, students must pass an FMGE exam. Let’s get into the depths of this blog and understand more about the FMGE exam and other factors.

Recognition and Approval:

When studying in Tajikistan, the main concern is the recognition of your degree. What good is studying for years if the Indian government doesn't even approve of it? Therefore, it is best not to dwell on this issue too much. The MCI has already approved MSIT, a top MBBS college in Tajikistan, for Indian students. Although there is a little bit of a catch in the whole process of practicing medicine in India, you will find out soon as you continue to scroll down.

Curriculum Comparison:

Another factor contributing to the doubt among Indian students is the curriculum of the MBBS universities in Tajikistan. As previously mentioned, the MCI, WHO, and other global institutions approve and acknowledge the MBBS programs. This implies that the curriculum receives global approval, providing students with a robust foundation. A good curriculum is a major factor in your roadmap to becoming a great doctor. Sure, there must be a little bit of a difference, but the basics and the major part of the curriculum are almost identical to the Indian college curriculum.

The curriculum of the Medical-Social Institute of Tajikistan (MSIT) has received global approval. This is one of the features that makes it one of the top choices for your MBBS in Tajikistan.

Licensing Examinations:

So, let’s talk about the catch, which will play a major role in your medical career in India. The National Board of Examinations (NBE) conducts the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE), which Indian students must take after completing their MBBS in Tajikistan. If you clear this exam, then medical aspirants will get licenses from the government, which will give them access to practice. The FMGE exam is a screening test that helps in the evaluation of foreign medical graduates' medical knowledge and proficiency and makes sure they match the MCI's requirements.

Make sure you do the preparations for the FMGE exam very precisely, as it covers a wide range of topics from basics to advanced. So, after completing an MBBS in Tajikistan for Indian students, clearing the FMGE exam is your ticket to a medical career in India.

Professional Opportunities:

In India, there are endless opportunities that will help create a great medical career. After clearing the FMGE exam, voila, you can practice medicine in India without further delays. Depending on your plan, whether you want to study further in India or do a job at any hospital, there will be no more hurdles in your way to reaching a new height. The demand will always be there when looking at the healthcare profession in India as the number one populated country. So, your future is bright like the sky; all you have to do is study hard and give more than just your best to become the best.

Deciding to study MBBS in Tajikistan for Indian students will transform your medical journey to becoming the best doctor. So, don't hesitate any longer and begin packing your bags!


The decision to pursue an MBBS in Tajikistan for Indian students requires a lot of research, and while doing that, endless questions will come into one’s mind. Which is very natural as your future is at stake. The journey to becoming a top doctor is not going to be easy, as it requires the best of the best from the aspirants, who must give their best. Furthermore, the MCI recognizes the MBBS degree from Tajikistan as completely valid in India, and the curriculum is remarkably similar.

All you have to do is clear the FMGE exam, and after that, there will be endless opportunities to move further with your medical career in India. There are myths that a degree is invalid, but nothing like that. Every government, including India, adheres to certain rules and processes. To meet healthcare standards, MBBS students from Tajikistan or any other nation must pass the FMGE examination.

Don’t let any myths or questions like that affect your decision to go for MBBS in Tajikistan for Indian students. Just keep your head up and your eyes on your goal, and you will achieve what you've always wanted. Get into the Medical-Social Institute of Tajikistan (MSIT), one of the top medical colleges in Tajikistan, and, with Tajhind, make it possible.


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