Cracking NEET 2024: Mastering the Latest Syllabus Changes

The National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) is one of the most competitive exams for medical in India for students aspiring to pursue a career in medicine. The schedule for this year's medical exam is May 5, 2024. There is less than a month left for the candidate to prepare, and deep down, no matter how great the preparation is, there are always tense nerves. The NEET exam result will determine your medical admission in 2024.

Cracking the NEET exam on the first attempt is not a simple task, as it requires a lot of preparation. On the contrary, the exam for medical is not as simple as students take in their 12th grade. The NEET Syllabus 2024 focuses on these three subjects: physics, chemistry, and biology (Botany and Zoology).

The National Medical Commission oversees this medical exam, ensuring adherence to protocols and equitable opportunities for all students. Through the NEET exam for medical, you can get into top MBBS universities, and there will be no need to take any entrance exams either.

Let’s look at the updated syllabus and how to prepare yourself for the highly competitive medical exam in India, the NEET.

NEET Exam for Medical 2024 Revised Syllabus

The updated NEET exam for the medical 2024 syllabus is shown in the following table, which was made public by the NTA under the National Medical Commission's recommendations.

Physics Chemistry Biology
Physics & Measurement Physical Chemistry
Basic Concepts of Chemistry
Diversity in Living World
Kinematics Structure of Atom Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants
Laws of Motion Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure Cell Structure and Function
Work, Energy & Power Chemical Thermodynamics Plant Physiology
Rotational Motion Solutions Human Physiology
Gravitation Equilibrium Reproduction
Properties of Solids and Liquids Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry Genetics and Evolution
Thermodynamics Chemical Kinetics Biology and Human Welfare
Kinetic Theory of Gases Inorganic Chemistry
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
Biotechnology and Its Applications
Oscillations and Waves p-Block Elements Ecology and Environment
Electrostatics d- and f- Block Elements
Current Electricity Coordination Compounds
Magnetic Effects of Current & Magnetism Organic Chemistry
Purification and Characterisation of Organic Compounds
Electromagnetic Inductions & Alternating Currents Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry
Electromagnetic Waves Hydrocarbons
Optics Organic Compounds Containing Halogens
Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen
Atoms and Nuclei Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
Electronic Devices Biomolecules
Experimental Skills Principles Related to Practical Chemistry

Understanding the Exam Pattern and Syllabus:

The most important part of cracking the NEET exam for medical in 2024 is to familiarise yourself with the updated syllabus and pattern.

Review each update, whether it’s a syllabus, dates, or any new information, very precisely, as sometimes small mistakes can lead to a big blunder.

If the candidates understand the pattern, then things get a little bit simpler, as they can prepare themselves accordingly.

Always monitor the official websites for the latest and official updates regarding the exam or any other information.

Selection of the Right Study Material:

To begin the preparation for the exam, go for the NCERT books for the NEET and also the school textbooks. Sometimes the most basic questions look complicated while taking the exam.

After completing these books, the candidates should move forward with other NEET books, which will give them an extra edge in their preparation.

Go through the practice papers provided in the books; they will help you analyze what you have learned so far.

NEET is one of the most competitive exams for medical, and the candidates must look at the previous year's question papers. This will aid them in comprehending the types of questions and the significance of the topics covered.

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Create a structured study plan

To crack the medical exam, candidates must be very disciplined, and they must have a study plan, or, in simple language, a timetable.

You should manage your time effectively to ensure that each subject receives adequate time. Although you can give more time to the subject, you might feel you need more preparation.

Make regular revisions to the syllabus and practice the test on a regular basis. It will help you track your progress.

Take proper guidance

For a better understanding, take coaching classes or attend an online class. Seek clarification whenever you face difficulty understanding any topic.

Online classes will not only help you solve your doubts, but the experts will also guide you by sharing their years of experience on how to perform better in the exam.

Candidates can also seek advice from experts or from any students who have passed the NEET medical exam and are now pursuing an MBBS.

Decide on your NEET exam-taking strategy:

Candidates must decide on their exam-taking strategy, including how to manage their time, revise, and attempt the sections in order.

This process will enable them to follow the right instructions on exam day and have a hassle-free exam-taking experience.

Stay healthy and manage stress.

Preparing for a competitive medical exam like the NEET requires a lot of effort and hard work. Which sometimes creates stress. In that situation, candidates must not overthink much and try to consult their mentors.

Candidates must also maintain a healthy, balanced diet and stay mentally and physically fit.

The exam for medical seems very simple from the outside, but only the candidates know the stress behind it. So, do take care of your health.


Candidates will find ease in their medical journey if they keep these points in mind and maintain a properly documented study plan with dedication. When seeking a career in medicine, the NEET exam is one of the most crucial exams when seeking a career in the field of medicine. Most colleges now require students to pass the NEET exam if they want to pursue medicine. Not only in India but also abroad, the NEET exam has become one of the eligibility criteria to get admission to top MBBS institutes. Tajikistan is becoming one of the most popular places to pursue MBBS for Indian students, and every medical college demands NEET clarification for medical admissions in 2024.

Tajhind wishes you all the very best for the NEET exam in 2024.


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