Conquering the Concerns: Life of an Indian MBBS Student in Tajikistan

“How will I be able to make it to Tajikistan?”

“Will the weather suit me?”

“Will I be able to mix with Tajik people?”

Mitesh, an MBBS aspirant who got accepted at MSIT, Tajikistan, was concerned as to how his life would turn around in Tajikistan. Imagining a new life in a foreign land could be confusing and make you wonder certain questions, like Mitesh.

Having the same dilemma?

Are you an MBBS abroad aspirant too? Are you wondering about the life of an Indian MBBS student in Tajikistan?

Initially, selecting Tajikistan as the location for your MBBS studies may appear daunting. Nevertheless, it is not only feasible but also potentially life-altering to overcome the obstacles that arise during one's time as an MBBS student in Tajikistan; all that is required is the proper mentality and adequate preparation.

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Celebrating Different Cultures:

Indian students traveling to Tajikistan for MBBBS may initially be concerned with the difficulty of adjusting to a new cultural environment. Tajikistan, which is in Central Asia, has a varied culture that has absorbed Persian, Turkic, and Russian influences. Embracing this diversity may prove to be a determining element in ensuring a pleasurable and gratifying sojourn.

TajHind Edutech’s suggestions:

  • Participate in local festivals and activities to fully immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere.
  • Acquire basic phrases in Tajik or Russian to promote efficient interaction.
  • Develop a strong network by socializing with neighbors and other international students.

Conquering language obstacles:

“How will I be able to speak Tajik, and how will I be able to make a place among Tajik locals?”

Indian MBBS students in Tajikistan may find the language to be a major concern, but it also presents an opportunity for personal development.

Although English is the primary language used to instruct in medical colleges in Tajikistan, proficiency in Tajik or Russian may be necessary for interactions with patients and locals.

TajHind Edutech’s suggestions:

  • To begin, enroll in language courses or utilize language-learning applications.
  • Actively participating in everyday discussions with native people helps hone and enhance your language skills.
  • Collaborate with fellow students to collectively overcome language obstacles.

Adjusting to the Educational System:

For many Indian and international students, comprehending and adjusting to a new educational system can be an issue. Students may find the medical education system in Tajikistan, which frequently adopts the European model, to be different from that of their native countries.

TajHind Edutech’s suggestions:

  • One should participate in university orientation programs to familiarize oneself with the curriculum.
  • Establish study groups to collaborate and exchange ideas on difficult subjects.

Managing Homesickness:

Every Indian MBBS student studying in Tajikistan worries about missing loved ones at home. While homesickness is normal, it's important to push through it if you want your academic experience to be enjoyable and fruitful.

After all, it takes certain sacrifices to achieve your goals.

TajHind Edutech’s suggestions:

  • Keep connections with friends and family via social media and video conversations.
  • Establish a support network comprising fellow Indian students who may be undergoing similar emotional challenges.
  • Explore the amazing beauty of Tajikistan and participate in local activities to establish a second home there.

Dealing with Financial Matters:

"I don’t have any money left."

It is still okay to say this when you are living with your parents. Now that you have decided to level up your life, it will require you to take on certain responsibilities.

A crucial aspect of an Indian student studying abroad is money management, and such students frequently encounter unique barriers. By budgeting appropriately and understanding the cost of living in Tajikistan, financial concerns can be eased.

TajHind Edutech’s suggestions:

  • Conduct research on your living expenses, including housing, food, and transportation, and create an assumed budget beforehand to account for them.
  • Financial advisors or university resources should be consulted to manage one's finances effectively.


Life in Tajikistan as an MBBS student presents its own set of obstacles, which can be overcome with the proper mentality and proactive approach. One must effectively navigate language barriers, embrace cultural diversity, adjust to the educational system, overcome homesickness, and strategically manage financial concerns.

A stay in Tajikistan has the potential to significantly impact not only your medical profession but also your individual development and resilience. Be enthusiastic about this journey, learn something from every experience, and enjoy the chance to become a global citizen in the medical field.


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