How to Score 400+ in NEET? Secret Strategy Revealed

The NEET UG exam is all set to be conducted on May 5, 2024. The National Testing Agency (NTA) is responsible for conducting the medical entrance exam for deciding admission to undergraduate medical and dental programs. With the date coming near, candidates are starting to have cold feet, which is very natural. NEET is undoubtedly one of the toughest exams conducted for medical students in India.

In this blog, we will discuss how to score 400 in NEET exams by sharing some tips and strategies. Before discussing that, let's take an overview of NEET 2024.

NEET 2024 Overview

Name of the Exam National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET)
Conducting Authority National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET)
Language English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Assamese, Telugu, Oriya and Kannada
Mode of the Exam Offline
Duration 3 Hours
Format of Questions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Marking Scheme +4 Marks for the correct answer
-1 Mark for incorrect answer
No negative marking for unanswered questions
Total number of questions 200 questions out of which students need to attempt 180 questions.
Total NEET marks 720
NEET 2024 exam date 5th May 2024
Number of questions subject-wise Physics - 45 questions
Chemistry - 45 questions
Biology - 90 questions
(source: Vedantu)

Tips & Strategies on How to Score 400 in NEET 2024?

It is one of the common queries that many aspirants like you have asked. For every candidate, the definition of good marks varies; for some, 400 is good, for some, 500, and for some candidates, 600–700 is a good score. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the countdown has already begun, and being nervous is a common thing.

So, here are some of the tips on “How to Score 400 in the NEET Exam 2024.”.

1. Time Management

The most important thing that students must keep in mind is to allocate equally much time for each subject. By allotting the time equally, you will be able to revise on time.

Make a list of all the subjects and vital issues, along with the hours that each should be covered, and stick to it. Along with the study sessions, have breaks in between to refresh your mind.

Having a fixed schedule will also reduce your stress level.

It is one of the most common and yet important tips that you will receive while looking for “How to Score 400 in NEET.”

2. Go through the NCERT books:

Going through NCERT books when doing the final revision for the NEET examination is one of the most important things students must do. The NCERT books offer a comprehensive and well-elaborated understanding of a chapter or a topic. It will help students score 400 marks, and if done with full focus, they can also score more marks. The answer to the question “How to Score 400 in NEET” simply lies in your preparation. So, practice every portion carefully, as many questions come from NCERT books.

3. Solve Previous Year Papers and Mock Test

Solving previous years' question papers and the mock test is one of the solutions to your question, “How to Score 400 in NEET?” These question papers will help you understand what types of questions have been asked over the years. Give them at least a few hours daily, and start practicing with them. It will not only help you understand the pattern and level of difficulty, but it will also improve your accuracy in giving answers on time.

4. Identify your weak spots and work on them:

If you're looking for a tip on “How to Score 400 in the NEET,” please follow this tip.

To score good marks, students must work on their weaker areas and learn from their mistakes. While practicing the previous year's papers and revising, students get a fair idea of where they are going wrong. After identifying it, work on it, and make sure that when you solve that type of question, the same mistake won’t happen. Note down all the points where you are having difficulty and ask your mentor or learn them properly.

5. Learn Chapters with High Weightage:

Break down the whole NEET syllabus for 2024 in order of chapters with higher scores. If you practice them regularly and go through all those subjects, then you no longer have to worry about “How to Score 400 in NEET?”.

So, pay proper attention and revise those subjects. often make notes, and regular practice will help you achieve the best possible exam scores.

6. Say Bye to All Distractions:

Wondering about “How to Score 400 in NEET?” can only be possible with your regular practice and also by avoiding the use of social media as much as possible. With only a few minutes left in the NEET examination, it’s better to just focus on your studies. The NEET syllabus for 2024 itself will take time to revise. So, taking a little time off from all the social media fuss and going to a quiet corner or place where you can solely focus on covering the revision will help you score good grades.

In conclusion:

NEET is undoubtedly a tough exam to crack and demands consistent efforts, discipline, focus, and a strategic approach. With less than a month left for the examination, stop doubting yourself and instead be determined and follow all the tips and strategies that you have found helpful so far. Attempt the exam calmly and use all the principles properly while solving the questions. Change your mindset and stop looking at “How to Score 400 in the NEET.” If you have studied with dedication, you might score more than 400.

All the very best for the examination.

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